Tax cuts for gluten-free food


Having a coeliac person in the family is an extra in the shopping cart, as gluten-free products are not especially cheap. Therefore, the Assembly of Madrid will ask the Government of Spain for taking steps to get fiscal measures in order to obtain lowering costs in gluten-free food.

It is a disease with an immunological basis caused by ingestion of gluten. It is a protein found in the grain of wheat, barley, rye and oats. Coeliacs have a genetic predisposition for the disease.

The initiative has been presented by the popular group in the regional chamber. It is a non-legislative proposal (PNL), so it has no executive capacity.

In addition, PP also ask for the support to coeliac associations in Madrid in order to “promote actions related to aid diagnosis and standardization of food patients can eat.”

They also ask for a continuous updating of lists of permitted and forbidden food for them, for carrying out specific information campaigns about the disease and for promoting the inclusion of specific menus in catering establishments.

PP says there are an estimated 450,000 Spaniards suffering from the disease, about 1% of the population. “It is estimated that 75% of patients have not yet been diagnosed because they have no symptoms, which makes the diagnosis been delayed for years and that the affected visit numerous doctors until arriving at the gastrointestinal specialist “, states in the text.

The disease has a male-female ratio of 2: 1 and is considered to be underdiagnosed due to ignorance of the wide variety of symptoms that can manifest. In fact, the average diagnoses age has increased in recent years, according to PP accurate. Nowadays, it is above 40 years. “In fact, it is considered that up to 20% of cases are detected in adults over 60 years.”

Coeliac associations have spent years fighting for the labeling of foodstuffs containing information about whether it is gluten free or not.

NLP has to be supported by another parliamentary group to be approved. PP doesn´t have a majority in the House.