About us

Or History

Horno Virgen de los Reyes belongs to a family native to Jerez de la Frontera living in Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, for over 40 years.

Its main founder decided to set up a small family bakery with an own oven at Sierra Morena, and now we have three more facilities where our products are made without gluten, using only the best raw materials and stringent protocols to prevent possible food contamination, all with our brand Panceliac, which enjoys great prestige in the market as a reference product for coeliacs.

We offer



Try our great gluten-free breads, made in a gluten and lactose free environment. The product is frozen, comes individually packaged and fully finished for consumption. The dried product has 6 months shelf life and frozen product a year.



Our cakes are made in facilities that are totally independent from the rest. The product is frozen, packaged in blister of different quantities and fully finished, ready to consume. The expiry date is one calendar year from the date of manufacture.



Horno Virgen de los Reyes dedicates great efforts and a major investment to the use of food technology to create tasty frozen pizzas. Traditionally, the dough is pre-baked and the rest of the ingredients are precooked. Recently, Horno Virgen de los Reyes has started selling pizzas with all the raw ingredients. Deep-freezing allows pizzas to have thin and crispy crust because of not mixing the ingredients. These ingredientes are fresh, thereby they keep all their nutritional value and flavor.