New gourmet gluten free “regañá”

Why do you have to deprive yourself of a good “regañá” if we can offer it tou you with all the flavor?

After months of testing, of constant work in order to offer you the best…., we finally present our new gluten-free “regañá”!!!

You can buy it in our factory and in the office Horno Virgen de los Reyes, in C/Sierra Morena, 1, Dos Hermanas (Sevilla). Soon you can find it at different points of sale in Spain. If you want to know if you can buy it at some point of sale nearby in your locality, you only have to ask us through Facebook: @panceliacsingluten/ or by the following email address:

You can also find it in its soft and light version, regañá Gourmet “Cristal”.