Nueva regañá sin gluten

New gourmet gluten free “regañá”

Why do you have to deprive yourself of a good “regañá” if we can offer it tou you with all the flavor?

After months of testing, of constant work in order to offer you the best…., we finally present our new gluten-free “regañá”!!!

You can buy it in our factory and in the office Horno Virgen de los Reyes, in C/Sierra Morena, 1, Dos Hermanas (Sevilla). Soon you can find it at different points of sale in Spain. If you want to know if you can buy it at some point of sale nearby in your locality,

Tax cuts for gluten-free food


Having a coeliac person in the family is an extra in the shopping cart, as gluten-free products are not especially cheap. Therefore, the Assembly of Madrid will ask the Government of Spain for taking steps to get fiscal measures in order to obtain lowering costs in gluten-free food.

It is a disease with an immunological basis caused by ingestion of gluten. It is a protein found in the grain of wheat, barley, rye and oats. Coeliacs have a genetic predisposition for the disease.

The initiative has been presented by the popular group in the regional chamber.

Coeliacs, a dark business object for brands


Gluten intolerants are in luck because soon they be able to enjoy one of the most forbidden pleasures for them: drink a good glass of beer in a bar. Mahou, the largest brewer in Spain, has launched its first beer for coeliacs. The new gluten-free Mahou Cinco Estrellas has begun to distribute in supermarkets, bars and hotels both in bottle format, such as canned. It is not the first case in our country. Estrella Damm manufactured from a decade ago its Damm Daura and has just launched a new double malt variant dubbed Märzen.

The “Aragon gluten free” campaign plans to distinguish the establishment suitable for coeliacs


Zaragoza.- Aragonese Coeliac Association (ACA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Citizenship and Social Rights and the Protection of Consumers and Users, has launched a campaign for Aragonese restaurants called “Aragon gluten”. The goal is “to get that coeliac people goes to Aragon restaurants safely,” says the president of the ACA, Carmen Tricas.

Establishments that join the campaign will have a distinctive entry in order to “any coeliac knows that at that restaurant can eat without worry,” said Tricas. “The aim is asking the restaurants to collaborate with the campaign with a distinctive that claims they are responsible and offer a menu or a letter without gluten,”

75% of coeliac people in Spain is still undiagnosed


This May 27 is National Day of Coeliac. The intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats, affects approximately 1% of the population, according to the Federation of Associations of Coeliac Spain (FACE). So nearly 500,000 Spaniards have intolerance to gluten and of those, at least 75% is still undiagnosed.

The number of people affected by coeliac disease is growing in recent years substantially. It has been and increase in cases diagnosed in adults, such that the average age is now over 40 years. 1% of Spaniards are gluten intolerant (coeliac) while it is estimated that about 10% are sensitive to gluten.