The “Aragon gluten free” campaign plans to distinguish the establishment suitable for coeliacs


Zaragoza.- Aragonese Coeliac Association (ACA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Citizenship and Social Rights and the Protection of Consumers and Users, has launched a campaign for Aragonese restaurants called “Aragon gluten”. The goal is “to get that coeliac people goes to Aragon restaurants safely,” says the president of the ACA, Carmen Tricas.

Establishments that join the campaign will have a distinctive entry in order to “any coeliac knows that at that restaurant can eat without worry,” said Tricas. “The aim is asking the restaurants to collaborate with the campaign with a distinctive that claims they are responsible and offer a menu or a letter without gluten,” said the Minister of Citizenship and Social Rights, Maria Victoria Broto. Similarly, it has published a leaflet, entitled “Go ahead, you were expecting,” which the ACA will distribute 2,000 copies in different bars of the Autonomous Community. “Apart from Zaragoza, Huesca is a leading city in restoration without gluten, in the Pyrenees, Jaca is important and, of course, Teruel capital has many followers,” they explained from the association. At the moment, are “250 establishments of Aragon” which have joined the promotion of gluten-free food in restaurants.

The campaign, which offers continuous advice from Coeliac Association, tries to expedite a service and inform both restaurants and consumers where coeliac people can eat. “What we would like is that many establishments join this campaign,” stated Broto. “In the restaurants we offer promotion, advertising and all information relative to coeliacs, such as recipes or totally free courses for establishments that are participating in the campaign,” he added.

Coeliac customers in Aragon represents 1% of the population, although according Tricas remarked, “there is only one in ten medically diagnosed celiac, especially adults.” It has also confirmed that they will “continue fighting for lower prices of products without gluten”, while acknowledging that “the work done by companies not to pollute the specific products for celiac requires conditions that drives up prices.” At the moment, VAT bread and bread mold especially for coeliac has decreased from 8 to 4%, while the target for Tricas is “lower VAT also in other products such as chocolate chip cookies.”